Other Projects

Other Projects

The intensive goat control programme will provide a high level of protection for many threatened  native plants as well as allowing regrowth of shrubby plants to improve the food source for bird species.  This will ensure forest regeneration and protection of rare plants.

The critically endangered native forget me not species – Myosotic petiolat occurs in the coastal area of the project area at its southern limit.



King fern (Marattia salicina) is also fairly common within the project area and this is classified nationally as being in serious decline.

Also there are two other plants present that are described as being  “acutely threatened”  and “nationally endangered: NZ cress Matangaoa: Rorippa divaricata and pingao Desmoschoenus spiralis.

There is also a project to replant and restore ‘Kōkihi (Tetragonia tetragonioides) commonly known as NZ spinach’ to an area around the Waipingao stream where it was once abuntant. This is being undertaken by DOC and Moturoa school.