Our objectives

Our objectives:

Protection of existing ecosystem health

  • Protect the high flora and fauna values at Parininihi by controlling rats, possums, mustelids, cats and goats to low numbers.
  • Prevent the establishment of weeds that threaten the forest ecosystem
  • Work with adjoining landowners in the control of animal and weed pests to create a buffer around Parininihi
  • Improve knowledge of ecosystem health and the existing populations of Taonga species, such as kiwi, oi/titi (grey faced petrels) and pekapeka (bats)


Enhancement of biodiversity values

  • Return Kokako to Taranaki and establish a viable breeding kokako population
  • Return threatened plants and other species such as titi (mutton birds) that have been lost from the area.


Community engagement and partnerships

  • Enable the people of Taranaki to experience a vibrant and diverse natural environment.
  • Give Ngati Tama people the opportunity to be strong in their kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and maintain strong cultural ties to Parininihi
  • Work with schools to make Parininihi a place of learning and excitement
  • Maintain strong and long lasting partnerships that will ensure that this taonga is preserved for future generations


We will achieve this using the following methods:

  • Integrated animal pest control to provide full ecosystem protection
  • Monitoring of key forest health indicators
  • Reintroduction of missing species that are vulnerable to predation and habitat decline
  • Ongoing engagement with technical experts to ensure use of best methods
  • Strong partnerships between tangata whenua, central and local government, community and business sectors